Annual recertification Trublue

Annual recertification Trublue and TBXL.
Parts not included.


To ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain your warranty, Headrush Units must undergo an annual recertification.


Late Fees

In order to maintain your warranty and to ensure the safety of your riders, it is necessary to return your unit for recertification by the due date shown on the unit. Units 30 days past their recertification due date will be charged an additional 800SEK. 


Ship your Headrush unit to:



Klingstadsvägen 28

616 91 Åby



If you are located outside EU contact us first for correct proforma information.


Auto belays should be shipped in the original box and packing material. Make sure that your auto belays are adequately protected to prevent damage from shipping. 


Please note: We will automatically replace any webbing or other wear parts (nozzle, side covers, etc.) deemed damaged or excessively worn. The cost of any of these replacement parts will be charged to you.



For units no longer under warranty, we will also charge for any repairs/replacement parts up to 4000SEK.


2.000 kr

-1 kr


Artnr: RecTB



Leveranstid normalt 1-3 dagar