Flightline, nyhet från Headrush

FlightLine is mountable on platforms at 18.3 up to 30.5 meters


FlightLine Commercial Free Fall Ride


A revolutionary commercial free fall ride for thrilling, high throughput descents


Get ready for a new kind of free fall experience that takes jumpers to heights never before dreamed. What makes FlightLine different from other free fall options is a soft catch for rider comfort, built-in redundancy to mitigate risk, and an extensive, true free fall sensation for extreme thrills.

Key Benefits

  • Fully redundant system designed in compliance with EN341, ASTM F24 Amusement Ride Standards (TUV certification pending)
  • Higher throughput compared with competing systems
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Staged universal braking system for a variety of rider weights – from 34-130 kg 
  • Uses our proprietary magnetic braking technology and patent-pending safety arrest and webbing systems for smooth and consistent braking


  • Dimensions: 615 mm x 457 mm x 234 mm 
  • Device Weight: 59 kg 
  • Rated Working Capacity: 34 to 130 kg 


FlightLine is mountable on platforms at least 18.3 meters. Available ripcords can accommodate platforms up to 24.5 meters 


180.000 kr

-1 kr


Artnr: FL



Leveranstid normalt 1-3 dagar