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The best brake for your zip line




The zipSTOP and zipSTOP IR use a self-regulating, magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants smoothly and comfortably


The zipSTOP is a self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system that brakes zip line participants comfortably and reliably, and brakes effectively at high velocities.

Key benefits of the zipSTOP zip line brake include:

Eddy current braking technology
The zipSTOP uses the same eddy current braking system found in the TRUBLUE Auto Belay.  With this technology, the braking resistance adjusts automatically to suit the weight of the rider, allowing for a smooth rider deceleration.

Variable rider weights and speeds
Allowing for a wide range of weights and velocities, the zipSTOP gives you flexibility in zipline design and operations.

Increased throughput
Consistent braking and automatic reset provide you with an increase in zip line throughput.

Low operational cost and risk
This low maintenance system eliminates the needs for rider involvement in braking and significantly reduces staff involvement as well.

Automatic reset
The zipSTOP is designed to automatically reset itself after each ride, minimizing the needs for staff involvement.

Environmentally stable
The zipSTOP can be installed in any outdoor environment and can withstand the elements.  The braking system operates consistently in any conditions, eliminating the need to cease operations due to wind, rain or snow.


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