Brakehawk 405

Fits Petzl® Tandem Speed Pulley P21 spe and Fusion Tandem Pulley FP-8154


(brake only, pulley not included)



Riding zip lines can be fun and exciting, but safety is a big concern. We here at BrakeHawk kept this in mind when we designed our BrakeHawk (patent pending) braking system. No more burning through bulky welding gloves or slamming into a bungee brake that leaves you with a hurting neck. BrakeHawk has been designed to be easy to use, safe, and affordable. The great thing about BrakeHawk is that almost anyone can use it no matter the skill level. Take some time to browse our product store and see if BrakeHawk is right for you.

1. Remove provided clevis pin and install BrakeHawk on trolley.

2. Lock clevis pin back in place.

3. Place BrakeHawk and attached trolley on zip line cable (brake travels behind trolley).

4. Attach carabiner and harness to trolley.

5. Place dominant hand on hand grip to the back of Brakehawk.

6. For slowing down or stopping apply downward pressure as needed from brake to zip line cable.



885 kr

-1 kr


Artnr: Br405



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